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    iSeries EXTRA Articles - 2004

iSeries EXTRA is a monthly e-mail newsletter that features articles relating to AS/400 and iSeries Application Development.  Susan and Jon write a monthly column focussed on leveraging existing RPG development skills.  To subscribe to the newsletter, Click here.

This page lists the articles published in 2004.

For a listing of the 2003 articles Click here.  For articles prior to 2003 Click here.

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ILE 'Mythconceptions'

There are probably more myths and misconceptions about ILE than almost any other aspect of the iSeries. This article addresses some of the most "popular".

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CODE or WDSc -- Which is Right for You?

While it is wonderful to have a choice of development tools rather than simply being stuck with SEU, which one is right for your shop?  In this article we address the factors that should govern your choice.

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The Seven Deadly Sins of ILE
Over the last few years, we’ve taught and consulted with many shops on topics relating to the Integrated Language Environment* (ILE). During this time, we’ve seen many practices that work well, some that don’t work so well and a few that are outright lethal. We’ve concluded that seven ILE practices are either best avoided or should be severely restricted. These “seven deadly sins” are the subject of this article.

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