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iSeries EXTRA is a monthly e-mail newsletter that features articles relating to AS/400 and iSeries Application Development.  Susan and Jon write a monthly column focussed on leveraging existing RPG development skills.  To subscribe to the newsletter, Click here.

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The following are direct links to the articles we published up to and including December of 2002.  

To see the articles published in 2003 Click here.  To see the articles published in 2004 Click here.

Look Before You %Lookup
V5R1's new %Lookup built-in function offers better performance and greater flexibility than it's venerable predecessor, but there are some points to watch out for.  We'll fill you in on the details.

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Good-bye, Indicators! - How to kick the *IN habit
Over the last few releases of RPG IV the compiler writers have been steadily adding features to allow us to abandon our dependency on the dreaded *IN indicators. If the death of indicators comes as a surprise to you, check out this article.

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RPG MONITOR is a Flexible Facility
Another wonderful feature of the V5R1 release is the new MONITOR support. Based on Java's try/catch it provides powerful new error handling options that should change the way you program!

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Some Pointers on Using Pointers in RPG IV
There's no need to be afraid of pointers if you use them the right way. This piece shows you how.

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Free Ride - A look at V5R1's free-form calc support
The V5R1 release of RPG IV contained so many new features that we couldn't begin to do them justice in a single article. This one focusses on the new free-form support and shows you how to take advantage of it.

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How About a Date (Field)?
The highlight here is on one of the most underutilized features of RPG IV - Date fields.  For those who didn't get around to using them in their Y2K projects, this piece provides a brief introduction and points out the one Date Opcode you should all be using!

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The case for Code/400
There are better ways to develop RPG applications than using source entry utility (SEU), screen design aid (SDA) and report layout utility (RLU).  This article suggest using Code/400 instead.

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Using Recursion  
This articles discusses the use of Recursion as a programming technique and looks at the RPG IV implementation.

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Are You Trigger Happy?
V5R1 introduced changes in the database that will cause errors in many* Trigger programs. This article explains why, and tells you how to fix the problem.  (* "many" means 15 out of every 16 programs that use a fixed buffer layout!!)

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RPG IV Prototypes
Prototyping is one of the most underutilized aspects of RPG IV. This article introduces prototyping and discusses why you should take advantage of it.

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Conditional Compilation Directives
Another underutilized feature.  This one is worth using if for no other reason than to simplify the handling of additional testing logic.

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Returning Multiple Values From a Subprocedure  
Subprocedures can only return a single value. So how do you deal with the a situation that requires you return an entire record?  Or indeed an entire set of records?  This article introduces some of the basic techniques that can be applied.

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The Versatility of Variable-Length Fields
As far as Jon is concerned these are the greatest thing since sliced bread!  Find out why he is so enthusiastic about them.

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To 'B' or not to 'B'
This article was a direct response to reader feedback following the "Are You Trigger Happy" article. It discusses the use of the integer data type to avoid the "old" B type binary's limitations
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