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    IBM i EXTRA Articles - 2003

IBM i EXTRA is a monthly e-mail newsletter that features articles relating to IBM i Application Development.  Susan and Jon write a monthly column focussed on leveraging existing RPG development skills.  To subscribe to the newsletter, Click here.

This page lists the articles published in 2003.

For a listing of articles published in 2004 Click here  For articles prior to 2003 Click here.

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User Spaces and List APIs
This column provides an introduction to using User Spaces in RPG programs, and in particular how they are utilized with the List-type APIs.  As an example we demonstrate how to automatically identify and update all programs that use a specified Service Program.

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By Now, the Case for RPG IV Should Be a No-Brainer
Still having problems convincing your management and/or fellow programmers that you should be switching all of your RPG/400 programs to RPG IV?  This article may help you to overcome their objections.

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Service Programs and Signatures
ILE Service Programs provide a "level-check" mechanism to help you to ensure that the correct version is in use.  This article explains signatures and outlines your options for managing them.

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An RPG Wish List

In 2003 Jon and Susan decided to send an early Christmas list to Santa.  See what they were wishing for ........

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/Free Your I/O Operations

This article focusses on some of the powerful new I/O related features included with V5R2.

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Ending those Decimal Data Error Blues

Can't get rid of those pesky decimal data errors?  This article shows you how to combine V5R2's new I/O options with V5R1's MONITOR to bring them under control!

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CGIDEV2: IBM's Hidden Gem
We mentioned IBM's free CGIDEV2 library in our series of articles on RPG web programming, but there is so much more at the site than just the CGIDEV2 library itself. This article takes you on a brief guided tour.

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Data Structure Enhancements in V5R1 and V5R2
For all those programmers who have been praying for multidimensional array, user defined data types and just generally more power in their D specs, V5 offers some great new features. This piece describes just a few of them.

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Another Point on Pointers and "What About Education?"
Two pieces in one this month. We start by revisiting last month's "D-spec Discoveries" article before moving on to discuss the importance of education.

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D-spec Discoveries
A look at some of the lesser known features of the D-spec. Including a number of solutions to the question "How do I directly load fields from a record into an array"..

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New Year's Resolutions - 2003
Start off the year 2003 with our suggestions for some iSeries related New Year's Resolutions!.

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