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Currently both Jon and Susan work as Technical Editors and authors for IBM Systemsi> Magazine. The dynamic duo also write regular columns for the magazine's IBM i EXTRA newsletter. These focus mostly on "things RPG and RDi" with the the occasional foray into other development tools and related topics.

Between them, they have also written dozens of technical tip articles for IT Jungle's Guru newsletter for IT Jungle.

In fact, they have now written well over 700 (yes seven hundred!) articles. As a result it has become really difficult to keep track of them here on the web site. So to make it easier for you to find their words of wisdom, they have now established an Authory web page where all of their work has been collected.

This new web site also allows you to subscribe so that you are notified automatically of any new articles that they may publish. You can sign up on the site and we promise not to spam you.

Of course you can always do a quick web search for their names, but we think that the Authory site will make it easier for you to find articles of interest.

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