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We are users (and fans) of IBM Rational's development tools. Whether you use the current version RDi, or one of its predecessors such as RDp or WDSC, it is the only way to develop RPG, COBOL and CL applications. We can't imagine how we survived all those years with nothing but SEU and PDM!   If you remain unconvinced, you might want to check out some of the articles we have written on the subject. We've included some links below, as well as links to some other information you may find useful.

Customized Training

If you want to leverage these powerful tools in your development organization, you should consider professional training for your staff. We offer on-site education on the Rational tools for both RPG and COBOL developers. These classes are currently one of our most popular offerings.

Since we customize all our courses, we can create a personalized agenda for your organization, including topics on the latest in RPG IV, ILE, web development with RPG, XML or SQL along with your Rational tools training. Contact us for more information.


On-site Training for Rational's RDi RDi Class Details
WDSC vs RDi  Read it here
Code on the Road (iSeries Projects)
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Why wait?
Start Using Modern Development Tools Now
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When is a Source Member Not a Source Member?
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Creating and Using an i Project
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Series on the Screen and Printer Designer
Part 1

Part 2
The DDS Designer Showdown
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System i Developer’s RSE Quick Start Guide
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