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Rational RDi - The Modern Programmer’s Toolset

We often include a shortened version of our introductory level course as part of our RPG and COBOL skills enhancement courses.  This allows the students to become proficient with the tool while performing their Lab exercises.  This provides a more realistic working environment than Lab exercises alone can achieve. In addition, the students also find that the easy access to on-line help offered by these tools is a major advantage when learning new language features.

We can offer any level of RDi training required from:
  • A simple lecture/demo session to introduce your staff to the basic concepts.
  • A half day hands-on introduction as part of other education
  • Or the "full monty" - the 2 day course described here. 

Program examples used in the hands-on Lab exercise that are a feature of our RDi classes can be in either RPG or COBOL.

Day 1

  • RDi Overview and Demo
  • Remote Systems Explorer (RSE) and Editor Basics
  • LAB: Basic RDi RSE and Editor functions
  • Additional RSE and Editor Features
  • LAB: RSE features

Day 2

  • Using the DDS Designer
  • LAB: DDS Designer
  • Using the IBM Distributed Debugger
  • LAB:  Distributed Debugger
  • Customizing RDi & Usage Tips

Please note that this is a sample agenda only. We customize all of our classes to maximize your staff's learning experience.

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