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SQL for iSeries Developers 

This course is often enhanced with some or all of the following additional topics: Referential Integrity, Writing Trigger Programs, and Using Stored Procedures


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Day 1

SQL Concepts
SELECT statement
SQL Functions
LAB: Using SQL Functions
Join, Union, Subselect
LAB: Using Join, union, subselect

 Day 2

Join, Union, Subselect
LAB: Using Join, union, subselect
Data Definition Language
LAB: Creating databases with SQL

Day 3

Embedded SQL and Precompiler Concepts
Host Variables and SELECT INTO statement
LAB: Simple embedded SQL RPG or COBOL programs
Using SQL Cursor operations
LAB: Cursor operations in RPG or COBOL
Dynamic SQL
LAB: Dynamic SQL in RPG or COBOL
SQL Tuning Concepts and Indexing Strategies

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