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Moving to RPG IV:  The Basics

The sample below represents a typical agenda for a 3-day “Moving to RPG IV” course. The agenda is completely customizable depending on experience level and interests. For example, if your shop already has experience using the basics of RPG IV, we can shorten the "Basic" content and add more advanced topics.

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Day 1

            Class Overview

            RPG IV Overview

            Converting RPG III Code to RPG IV

            Debugging RPG IV code

            LAB:  Conversion and Using the ILE Debugger

                Using Date and Time Data Types

Day 2

            LAB:  Using Date Data Types

            Built-in Functions and Expressions

            LAB:  Using Built-in Functions and Expressions

            Integrated Language Environment (ILE) Concepts

            LAB:  ILE Static Binding             

Day 3

            Subprocedures and Prototyping

            LAB:  Subprocedures and Prototyping

            Miscellaneous Bits and Pieces of RPG IV

            Version 5 Overview

            LAB (optional):  Version 5 Features

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