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Modernizing Your RPG Applications

This course is based on the book “Re-Engineering RPG Legacy Applications” by Paul Tuohy.  It takes a unique approach to teaching some of the topics covered in our other courses.  This course takes the same simple application and follows the same application from conversion from RPG/400 to RPG IV to taking full advantage of RPG IV features, modularizing the code, adding DB2 UDB features and even adding a graphical or browser-based interface.

Day 1

  • The Basics of RPG IV
  • Converting RPG III to RPG IV
  • LAB: Source code conversion
  • Date, Time and Timestamp Data Types
  • Expressions
  • LAB:  Using Expressions

Day 2

  • Understanding the Core Application
  • Prototyping Calls
  • Improvements for Indicator Use
  • LAB: Re-engineering with RPG IV
  • Subprocedures
  • LAB: Writing Subprocedures

    Day 3

  • LAB: Writing Subprocedures (Contd.)
  • The Basics of ILE
  • LAB:  Re-engineering with ILE
  • Trigger Programs
  • LAB: Writing trigger programs
  • Referential Integrity

Day 4

  • LAB: Implementing Referential Integrity
  • System APIs
  • LAB: Using System APIs
  • RPG IV Version 5 Release 1 Features
  • LAB: Using V5R1 Features
  • RPG IV Programming with CGI

Day 5

  • WebSphere Development Tools (emphasis on Webfacing)
  • Building a GUI interface using VisualAge for RPG
  • LAB: Graphical or Browser Interface with VARPG or Webfacing
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