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ILE for COBOL Programmers (Sample Agenda)

Day 1
ILE COBOL Language Features - Part 1 (Version 3)

LAB - ILE COBOL Intrinsic Functions

Integrated Language Environment Concepts

LAB - ILE Basics

Static Binding Decisions

Day 2
Activation Groups
COBOL Migration to ILE

LAB - Activation Groups

ILE COBOL Language Features - Part 2 (Version 4/5)

LAB - ILE COBOL Date Data Types and Functions

Day 3
Service Programs and Binder Language

LAB - Using Binder Language

ILE Error Handling

Note: Typical extra topics that go well with this agenda include CODE/400: The Modern Programmer’s Toolset (which we offer with COBOL lab exercises), Getting to the Web with COBOL and CGI, or SQL for iSeries Developers (which also offers COBOL lab exercises).

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