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Advanced  RPG IV and ILE

The agenda below is meant to be a guideline for an Advanced RPG IV and ILE class.  Since many shops opt to combine it with the 3-day “Moving to RPG IV” course, we have listed those topics most often selected to produce a combined 5 day class.  There are a large number of alternative topics available, many of which are listed at the foot of this page.

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Day 1

            Class Overview

            Programming RPG IV with Style

            Subprocedures: Beyond the Basics

            LAB:  Advanced Subprocedures

            Prototyping Programs and C Functions

            Using System APIs, Pointers, and User Spaces

Day 2

            LAB:  Using Pointers and User Spaces

            ILE Activation Groups and Resource Scoping

            ILE Service Program Tips and Binder Language

            LAB:  Activation Groups and Binder Language

            Introduction to RPG IV and the Web - with CGIDEV2

Additional Topics

  • RPG IV V5 skills update (V5R1 and/or V5R2)
  • CODE  the Modern Way to Develop Applications
  • XML for RPG Programmers: An Introduction
  • RPG Meets the Web – Programming with the CGIDEV2 library
  • ILE Static Binding Decisions
  • Mixing ILE and OPM Programs
  • Introduction to the WDSc tool set
  • IBM’s WebFacing Tool
  • Developing Applications with VisualAge RPG
  • Java for RPG Programmers
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Using Embedded SQL in RPG IV applications
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